Packing and Journaling

I don’t have another guest post today, but as I mentioned before, we’re pretty much “all India, all the time” (except for posts about new houses) for a while here at Changing Horses.

I’ve spent quite a bit of the last couple of days working on my packing list, ordering last-minute items from Amazon (Prime rocks!) and making sure I know what I’m taking and have it all ready.

I’ve also started my trip journal, which is one of the two assignments left for Global Issues, because that will be a fun way to keep daily ideas “on paper” even as I prepare for and react from the trip. A lot of what you see here on the blog will be in the trip journal.

Packing is a challenge, partly because it’s hard to know for sure what I will need, and partly because I don’t know what things are worth having backups of and what I could buy there if it was needed. And some things are just expensive to have a backup (for example, a replacement charger for my Macbook Air is almost $80). Do I buy one to have “just in case” or do I take the risk of being halfway around the world and it breaking?

Some of the unusual stuff I’m packing:

  • Packs of toilet wipes for when there’s no toilet paper in the public bathroom
  • Giant ziplock bags in case I have to pack smelly clothing (it’s going to be upper 90s and humid the whole time I’m there)
  • A printed flight itinerary. Apparently you can’t get into the airport in India without it.
  • An extra duffel bag folded up in my suitcase:  in case I find enough cheap stuff I want to check another bag on the way home.
  • A portable water filter bottle. Water there won’t be drinkable without it.

I may come home with more unusual items as well. Add to that I’m taking malaria medicine and got a typhoid vaccination, both just in case (neither are required for travel to India).

And as usual of late, here’s the Monday numbers:

  • 4 days until I leave for India
  • 6 class days left
  • 68 days left until last class (Capstone due)
  • 82 days until graduation

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