Not Packed Yet

It’s been a busy week, and a lot is going on (like signing paperwork to buy a house).  I was hoping to have my packing list done by Monday night and the week was full enough that as of Friday morning I’m not done.

Part of it is that my wife is still struggling health-wise and has been exhausted, and I wanted to do that together.  So hopefully today, while I’m working from home part of the day and this evening or tomorrow we can complete that task.  While there’s still time to have something arrive from Amazon with Prime shipping.

I have the beginnings of a list, and I’m ready to get into the trip.  I’m finding the trip and the house distracting enough that, between work and home, I’m having trouble concentrating on my capstone.  I want to have at least a start on it before I get on the plane so I can make use of the plane time.

Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I’ll have another guest post about the trip.  One week from today I leave.  Wow.  The time has flown by.

Time to get in the zone and make things happen!


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