A House!

Interrupting the India series for an important announcement.

I know last summer we had a contract on this house…and it fell through.  We’ve been looking for a bigger house, on and off, for over two years.  We’ve been feeling more and more cramped in the house we’re in, and we want the older children to have some personal space that they haven’t enjoyed until now, so we were looking for something bigger.

Last Friday I broke away from class during lunch to see a house that had just come on the market.  It was a re-po, and looked from the pictures to be in good shape.  And it was priced over $50,000 below what I thought it could get on the market if it was fixed up just a little.  When Theresa sent me the link on Thursday I told her that there was no way the house lasted on the market at that price until Monday so we’d have to jump on it right away.  So we went at lunch and liked it quite a bit…enough that we made an offer on Saturday.

There were at least five other offers on the house.  We had offered the listing price, and had two contingencies and were told everyone could submit another offer and that the bank would take the highest best offer.  Highest best means that an offer that is higher, but has more risky contingencies may not be selected.

It was Monday.  We were already scheduled to look at another three houses.  So we went and looked at them, and talked over what we knew about the house we’d offered on.  We talked about strategy with our realtor, and thought and talked about it between us while traveling from house to house.

Neither of the first two houses we saw would have worked for us.  When we got to the third house we had decided to drop the home inspection contingency, but only if we could go look at it one more time that evening before dark and do a more thorough walk through (remember the first one was rushed over my lunch break).  The third house was workable, and in the price range we’d like, but we didn’t like it as much as the house we’d already made an offer on.  So we looked at the house one more time, upped our offer, and pulled the home inspection from the offer, and waited.

All the offers had to be in by 3pm on Tuesday.

And we waited.  And I finally got a call from the realtor around 11AM on Wednesday.  If we’re willing to wait until November to close, we have a house.  And since we weren’t going to try to move until after I finish school (but before graduation) that worked just fine with us.


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