Am I Excited? (Guest Post)

(Editor’s note:  I mentioned yesterday that there would be guest posts coming from some of my fellow students before and after the trip with anticipations and reactions.  This is the first in that series, written by my friend Ben.)

As our Bradley EMBA international trip approaches, James asked if some members of the class would like to write a blog post. I am a frequent reader of James’ blog, and always enjoy his posts regarding Bradley. I have always thought about starting my own blog – but what do I have to say that is interesting?

James and I started this EMBA journey together, along with a dozen others over a year ago. We have had the pleasure to grow as a group and become like a family. Now we begin our journey halfway around the world to India! Less than two weeks and we will be on our way!

Am I nervous? No. Am I scared? No. Am I excited? I do not know. I travel quite frequently in my role as Product Manager for Vactor Manufacturing, so I am I quite used to traveling. Just earlier this year I traveled to Germany, which was my first international (excluding Canada and Jamaica) travel. It was an experience for me. I am a rather tall individual – 6’8” – so cramming me into an airplane for a 9-hour flight to Germany was not fun. I am also a very picky eater, so trying to find something to eat is sometimes a challenge. Who knew Germans liked warm, sparkling water? Do you know how hard it is to find cold, distilled water in Germany? Harder than you’d think. So, imagine how I will be in India! Fortunately, Dr. Iyer informed us there is a Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, and even a TGIF in India, so I should be OK.

Picky eating aside, I’m looking forward to spending 10 days with my classmates. We have a great group of people, and I would not want to travel to India with any other group. We have a lot of sightseeing planned, group project presentation to the TEA James has talked about previously, and our individual business visits. I was fortunate to arrange two business visits, one with IBM and one at a Daimler factory in Chennai. I am really looking forward to them. We will have a busy 12 days.

I have been fortunate to enjoy this EMBA ride with my fellow classmates, and I’m now very fortunate to spend time in India with them. I am I excited? Yes! I’m excited to spend time with my friends, I’m excited to learn the culture, I’m excited to shop, and I’m most of all excited to eat some Pizza Hut in India!

BBen Schmitten Schmitt is a product manager at Vactor Manufacturing in Streator, IL. He will graduate from Bradley with me this December.  He posts occasionally on twitter and you can follow him here.

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