Meet Me in New Dehli, Louie….

Yesterday I talked a little bit about the trip that’s coming up (10 days!).  It was extremely strange as we all left class on Saturday as we reflected that the next time we’d all see each other we’d be in New Dehli.

I’ve only left North America once, and that was in 1985 with the French Club back in high school.  I’ve been to Canada a few times and Mexico once or twice, but not really out of the comfort of the “homeland” and not overseas in almost 30 years.  And never to Asia.

I expect that most of the posts from now until mid-October or so will be about the trip, though I expect the capstone to pop up here and there as well.

I’m leaving in 10 days and I’m still making decisions on what I’ll pack and what I’ll budget for stuff I may want to bring back.

I’m going to try to get some guest posts for the blog from my classmates as well, and there may be some crossposting over to the Bradley website.

I’m also going to be having some of my classmates write guest posts both pre-and post trip to give you all a broader perspective on the cross-cultural experience than you’ll get from just me.  So stay tuned!

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