Three Days of Class

The school calendar is fairly regular. Every other Friday and Saturday, 8-5. Most of the school year looks like that.

At a couple of places we had back to back weekends before the holidays or Spring Break. And we went all week during the Leadership Challenge last August.

But this week we have class for three days. And then again late next month after the trip.

It’s set my whole equilibrium off this week. I’ve thought each day was a day later. I’m mixing up what’s going on.

I like routine. It’s not the thing that works best in my life, but I like it. And school has brought some routine to my life that has been nice. But this month it’s throwing me off.

So today I’ll be in class, and tomorrow and Saturday too. And I love spending time with my classmates. And it will be nice to be there as we move on through.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel includes a few more classes. Three of them this week.

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