Progress! Meeting in Chennai (Almost).

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been continuing to have some difficulty scheduling a meeting in Chennai for my individual project. That’s shifted to the better. I still don’t have a final appointment set but I’m really close with two possibilities. That takes a huge load of stress off.

We’re also about done with the TEA apparel industry group project. I don’t feel like I contributed as much as I should have to it, but I’m not sure what else I should have done. I don’t like second guessing myself and feeling like I let folks down but not having any concrete way to know what I may not have done. I think I’m probably overthinking it, but I’d hate to think somebody else was counting on something that I just totally missed and didn’t do.

I’m off in Chicago for a work trip today and will get home tonight. I’m feeling really far behind, but I’m pressing through. This is the home stretch. Some of it is slogging through deep mud, and some of it will be sprinting on good ground, and I’ll make it through. The craziness has an end.

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