Filming in Bollywood While Life Happens

Just when I think I have the Global Issues class under mental control, something else comes up. Last week we got the syllabus and it includes another team research project and a group presentation, due this Saturday. My team drew the Indian Film Industry. So now (with three days of class coming this week instead of two) I’ve got another research project on my plate, though an easier one than the others.

I still don’t have a firm meeting for my individual project. That was supposed to be set by today…and I’m not sure what that’s going to mean for my grade. I’m hoping I can still pull something together and that the professor will be gracious with the work I’ve attempted and let this go beyond the deadline. We also have the big team project for Tirupur Exporters due on Friday.

Oh and did I mention I have an overnight trip to Chicago? Yeah…this is going to be a long week. Thankfully Theresa seems to be on the mend.

The weekend wasn’t as productive as it should have been, but that’s partly because we’re still recovering from a crazy week including my wife being down ill, and she and I took a spontaneous evening out and stayed at the Pere Marquette Friday night. That and an all-day board meeting on Friday last week.

It’s go time. I know I said that last week, but I’ve got to line up a lot of ducks this week and then next week pour a ton of energy into the capstone project. Maybe I’ll be able to fit a meeting into the one day I’m in the office this week, but it looks like I need to get things on the schedule for next week and get my brain around it starting Saturday night once I’m done with the Global Issues stuff for this week.

Jumping back in with vigor. Balancing sleep, food, travel, work, school, family. Let the final push truly commence!

Monday by the numbers:

  • 18 days until the international trip.
  • 9 class days left. (This time next week it will be SIX!)
  • 82 days until the last class when my capstone is due.
  • 96 days to graduation.

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