A Crazy Week

Last Friday I posted that I was going to be writing more in these closing days of school.  And then I proceeded to have a week with very light posting.

And that’s how my week has felt.  I had a post partly written in my head for yesterday called “Ups and Downs, Successes and Failures” and then I “overslept” (didn’t get up until 6:30) and had no time for writing and the day was packed.

So this week I’ve been doing very little for school except still trying to get a meeting in India with a medical tourism company and having not as much success I as I need to.  I’m working on backup plans and the deadline for having the meeting scheduled is now a weekend away.

I’ve been fighting off a stomach thing.  My wife has been sick so Moriah and I have been taking the boys to work (a 35 minute commute each way) while trying to keep up with work responsibilities

I go between being really excited about the capstone project and nervous about having the time to get it done.  I’m leaving for India in 3 weeks.  Work goes well one day and is trying the next.  This is going to be a trying time for us, and we weathered a hard week, even with Theresa being down sick.

Elsie has been saying #optimist (read “hashtag optimist”) to me when I’m getting down at times, and it’s good to have cheerleaders in the bunch right now when it’s the fourth quarter and I’m getting tired and there seems to be more work than I can possibly handle.

Next week will be different, right?

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