9. 25. 90. 104.

9 days left of actual class time.  And that includes the last day where I’ll make a 10 minute presentation and watch others do the same and I figure we’ll be done by lunch time.

25 days until the India trip.  Wow.  That’s closing in fast.

90 days left until the last class.  Until this week I was excited about those days ticking down, but as of this past weekend they’re now a timer until I need to have my capstone done.  I’m excited about what I’ll learn and reinforce doing the project, but I’m now nervous about the amount of time left.  The more I can get done before the trip, the more writing I can do on the plane, which will help.

104 days left until graduation.  I’m the last of my siblings to get a college degree, and at age 45 it’s kind of weird.  I’m still thankful for the opportunity I’ve had here at Bradley, especially with my lack of a bachelor’s degree, and I’m thankful for what it’s going to mean to my ability to do my job.

It’s been a long 13 months since we started, and there’s a lot of work left, and I’m tired.  It was a full weekend and I’m starting the week with a half-empty tank, but I’ll push through.  Counting down.

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