Capping the Stone

So I’ve been on a roll with posting more often lately, and so I’m going to up the game a bit in these last few months and post more than four times most weeks, particularly while I’m in India next month.

Today I start one of the last three classes, and essentially the last class: Strategic Positioning. This is the class that surrounds our capstone project (the comprehensive final exam). I won’t be able to talk much about my capstone project on the blog, but it’s supposed to take into account all of the learning we’ve done (finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, employment issues, etc.) in one major project.

I’ve been looking forward to this and have started thinking about it over the past couple of months, and my boss and I have discussed what direction it should go. The project will be huge to complete (and I have 3 months from tomorrow until it’s due) even without other coursework, but it will have immense value to both me and to Samaritan.

We’re starting this class early because of a scheduling issue with a professor in either this course or the change management class, and I’m kind of glad to get some momentum going now so I can perhaps work on some writing on the plane to India.

The book for the class, which I’m now well into, is mildly depressing. It’s called the Wisdom of Failure (I think I mentioned it in a previous post) and it’s about ways that leaders fail their firms and there’s a little too much of it that’s like looking in a mirror for my liking right now. It’s worth the read, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like a kick in the gut this week.

Three months from tomorrow and it’s all over. And of course that brings mixed feelings. I’ll let you know how much I’m beat up after class.

2 thoughts on “Capping the Stone

  1. Very good! Just finished my own capstone, 2 more to go. Grateful for my wife who encourages me to press on. Have a great trip and project!

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