As of today there are 99 days left until my last class. Double digits! Almost 80% of the way through as the calendar reads, and by days of school over 70% done (the international trip makes it back-loaded for class days).  From day 1 last August until our last class on December 6th is 477 days.  And we’ve made it through 378 of them now.  Whew.

The new class is finishing up the Leadership Challenge today.  I can still remember that week…finishing up and bonding with my classmates and really finding a groove early on.  I’m kind of jealous I can’t do it again.

This is really the home stretch now.  I got my books for the Strategic Positioning class yesterday, which includes the comprehensive final exam.  It’s getting real, y’all.

I’m still doing way too much procrastination, which won’t work on that capstone project (the comprehensive final) so I’ve got to get into a groove and fast.  I still haven’t finished my technology assignments (though I’m still trying to have them done by Saturday night and enjoy a restful Labor Day with my family but I have that as I hedge).  I have a good idea of where I’m going with those assignments, but there are three of them and they need to be done.  All day Saturday at libraries and coffee shops.  I’ll let you know Tuesday how I fared on getting the day off.

99 days and counting.


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