Choice is a Misnomer

It’s been increasingly apparent that “pro-choice” is a euphemism.  When the pro-life/anti-abortion crowd talks about choosing life, the abortion industry moves politically to silence them or rhetorically to make them sound foolish.  Here’s a great post on the rhetoric and how it’s continually changing and becoming more apparent what is at stake for the pro-abortion side:

In other words, the humanity of the dead fetus matters not a whit. That’s known as truth in advertising.With this kind of advocacy increasing, it is clear now that pro-abortionists also want Roe v. Wade overturned. Why? Roe permitted limits.

via “Pro-Choice” Mask Increasingly Coming Off | National Review Online.

It’s not too long and well worth a read.  Let’s be honest with each other on this important topic.  Abortion/life is not a political issue.  It’s an issue of societal importance because it surrounds how we view children.  And a child, even before he or she crosses the birth canal, is a child.  A living, soul filled, child created in the image of God.  And purposely ending the life of a child, no matter the age, is murder.  And for the other side honesty means admitting this:  the child is alive but that life is worth less than the life of the one choosing to end the life of the child.

Additionally the pro-life side needs to be fighting this battle in the soul and heart of the people affected, primarily the poor, rather than just in the political sphere.  And that means more ministry like Cities for Life, Save the Storks and the Morning Center.

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