Interacting Through Technology

This last weekend at class was a fun one.  I really like the technology topics, and Professor Rottier and Drs. Bond,  and Fink kept things interesting.  I know I’ve been a bit whiney about Global Issues (thought I’m about ready to get my attitude screwed on right with it) but the technology class has been immensely helpful for me.  Friday we finished up Process Management and Managing Technology and got some input on our two assignments for those classes.  The assignments aren’t easy, but they’re not awful either.  Straightforward and immensely useful, in fact.    I’m trying to tie them into work I’m already doing at work, so that’s caused me to delay them a bit, but I should have no trouble knocking them out by the September 2 due date.  My current goal is to have one of them done by Tuesday and the other I’ll have to wait for after a Friday meeting to finish, but I’m optimistic that I can have Labor day free to spend with the family.

On Saturday we spent the day talking about Interactive Technologies.  You know, like blogs and social media.  The pre-work for the class involved updating and looking at our LinkedIn profiles.  I got some good, helpful hints on ways I can improve mine.  We evaluated the photo, the summary, looking for key words, work history, etc.  I got some good feedback, as did some of the others in the class.  I’ll be filling it out as days go forward, despite not looking for a job, it’s a good place for my bio to live.  As a bonus, they gave us a link to the most overused buzzwords of 2013:

Since we last did this study, LinkedIn’s member base grew from 187 million to more than 259 million members worldwide. Drawing from English-language LinkedIn profiles around the globe, here’s what we found: this year, ‘responsible’ landed solidly at number one.

via Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC] | Official LinkedIn Blog.

It was a great overview of interactive technology, and from being social on-line to having corporate policy it covered the whole landscape.  Some Saturdays, especially lately, I have trouble staying engaged in class, but this week I was alert and attentive and interacting throughout the day. I had a lot of takeaways that I’ll be able to use going forward, and there were some great real-life examples of good and bad use of social media in the marketplace that Hiedi Rottier brought in for discussion:  stories from Aldi to Whirlpool to a twitter war between Oreo and KitKat. It was my last experience with two of the three professors, though that’s going to be the case in pretty much every class from here on out.

As of today there’s 103 days until our last class, and three classes left (though I still have assignments due on the technology classes in a week):  Global Issues in Business, Change Management, and Strategic Positioning (which is the comprehensive final exam).  Three and a half months to go, and it’s time to get serious again about finishing strong.

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