Mapping a Process

Yesterday I finished the draft of the process map for my technology assignments. It took a bit of research asking several departments (twice each) how it all worked out from when the form was mailed to a member until it was returned, processed and filed.

It’s a pretty complicated thing. The assignment is to outline how it works, and then to make improvements. I’ll have to lay it out on the table and look at it for a while before I decide how best to improve it, or at least what improvements I think we can best implement.

It’s a helpful process (no pun intended) to walk through. And assignments like this can be repeated over and over again to find poor processes and make life easier (and therefore work more effective) for everyone. It can be a fun exercise, but once you find all the messy spaghetti of how something works it can be frustrating to see how much inefficiency has been entrenched into a workflow. And fixing it on paper is a lot easier than doing it in real life.

Yet again I’m at a point where my learning in the EMBA program is exceeding what can easily be put into practice with what’s on our plates right now. I’m so looking forward to what we can do in January when I have some margin to push some new project through and we can start adopting some of the really helpful tools and knowledge I’ve been accumulating over the past year. The value of this program for Samaritan is going to be huge over the long haul, provided we can implement even half of the improvements we’re starting to see as a team.

I can’t wait.

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