Crunching the Work, Technically

I know, I know. No post yesterday. Bad James.

I had a bad night this week…got up with one of the littles and didn’t get back to sleep. Totally messed up my cycles. And because of that I’m not done with some of the homework I wanted to have completed before now. I had two meetings cancel this afternoon, though, so I hope to have some time later today.

Tomorrow is my last day of managing technology. Then Saturday we have a single day on interactive technology, or social media. I’m looking forward to class, even though I’m still working through my technology assignments.

I had a good time working on the process assignment this week. I examined, thoroughly, a process at Samaritan for improving both the paper method and for spinning up a self-service version through our member web application. I have the write-up yet to do on both, and had a goal to finish the one by tonight so hopefully I can get into a groove. I’m still feeling the poor night’s sleep from a few nights ago, but that can’t be fixed…I need to push through and get the work done or next week will be even more insane.

I’m still getting my head around the textile project, but now I have to jump into the individual project for Global Issues as well. The good news is that it should be more interesting to me personally. The bad news is that it’s a lot more work than I was imagining. But I have lots of time to work on it, except for the part where I set the appointment. I let that drag on for too long and now it has to be rushed into a little more.

I knew these last few months were going to be hard, and now I just need to cut stuff out of my life again like during Marketing and Finance and pour myself into the work that needs to be done. 107 days until the last day of class. Not too long and it’ll be in double digits.

I’ll make it. I’m not going to quit now. But I really need to find some oomph for the final push right now…and press through the wall. Another weekend of class awaits!

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