Market Entry is Significant!

So yesterday I stayed home from work sick. The cold I had over the weekend was tame compared to what the kids got hit with…a deep chest cold. And so I didn’t want to spread that around at work. Added advantage is that I had some rest that hopefully would produce a better product from the homework I was behind on. Not so much on the latter.

So my assignment was to give the “significance of entering the chosen market.” Despite passing marketing (though at times it felt like I barely passed) that phrase didn’t resonate as having deep and practical meaning. Explanation: “Focus on international treaties and trade agreements and how they would benefit an Indian based company”. That helped, but there still was a ton of “I really don’t understand this…I hope it makes sense when we’re done.”

What we turned in to the other teams last night was drafts, though, which helps.

There’s a lot of problems facing me on this project, though.

First, I’m just not into it. I hate it, actually. Why? Because it’s not immediately practical and that always sets me off. The solution to this is I need to just get over it. Find something interesting that I can latch onto and run with it. Maybe I need to watch A Passage to India or read Murder on the Orient Express or something that will get me in the zone. I don’t know. Now that this phase is done I’ll focus on getting excited about it.

Problem 2 is that I’m fighting off sickness. I actually lost that battle, come to think about it. I spent most of yesterday in bed. It’s able to be overcome, and my team was very encouraging and willing to step into the gap on it. I’m thankful for that but I never want to be the guy other people are picking up slack for. I want to be one of the guys picking up slack for others. Not my choice to get sick, so there’s that.

The last problem (#3 if you’re counting at home) is that the research writing process doesn’t work well for me. Individually reading a bunch, taking notes, and then putting together a paper or project: not my thing. I want to interact with others on the topic. I want to walk around in a room, talking to people who know more than me, and absorb knowledge through listening and interacting. That’s my learning style, and it has worked for most of the EMBA program. Because we have four people on my team who don’t have time for many face to face meetings, I’m kind of stuck on this one. Now if there were margin in my family life my wife and I could probably talk some of this out and she could do the research but she’s in chaos most of the time because our family life is crazy, and we just added this week driving #1 son to a job (and picking him up) thus subtracting about 140 minutes from her day, assuming he’s ready to come home when she gets there in the evening.


So if you’re praying for me, pray I’ll get healthy fast, take interest in this project and get excited about it, and that I’ll find someone to talk to about it so I can feed my learning style and start to grasp the topic. My team is carrying me on this one for sure: I know I’m not leading out and I need to learn to be OK with that too.

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