Perhaps Chicken Curry Over Basmati Rice?

So as I said late last week, we have a big team project we’re working on for Global Issues related to the Tirupur Exporters Association. There’s a ton more to do, and we have the project actually due on the first day of class, at least according to the syllabus, including the presentations. We’ll deliver it again (I’m certain with some revisions based on professor feedback) in Tirupur at the TEA on October 11, after we’ve been in country (and time zone) for almost a week. Rough draft is due by labor day (which isn’t as far away as it used to be), and we’re trying to have our first draft of my team’s part done by tomorrow night so we can work on it through the month and so it won’t interfere so much with the other class going on right now.

Our team is responsible for the market overview among other things. So by tomorrow night I’m supposed to have an examination of the market environment from an economic, political and ecological perspective. And I’m not even close to done. I have done a little research but my brain isn’t getting around this very well, and that’s making it difficult. I mentioned to Theresa that I knew this class would be hard for me because it’s the least likely to intersect with my day job.

So I’m reading a lot about India and the textile industry. But my desire is to just have some Indian food (love curry) and relax and focus on something else for a while. But I’ve used up all the margin time already and so I’ll be eating and drinking market research for the next couple of days.

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