Wishful Exhaustion

So it’s Thursday and I had delusions of having quite a bit of my goals for school for the week done by now. This is a tough period for me, and talking to my classmates I don’t think I’m alone. The light at the end of the tunnel (just over 4 months left…75% through) is just bright enough that we’re Just. Ready. To. Be. Done. I don’t want to do anymore homework. I don’t want to research economic trends in India and the exchange rate trend of the US Dollar and the Rupee. I don’t want to know about trade tariffs and I don’t care anymore about the degree, my GPA or any special honors.

OK, maybe that’s not all true. But at any given moment right now that feeling of “I’m done now. I don’t want to do anymore” is hanging over every one of the thirteen students in my cohort. I’m nearly certain of that, and I know it’s that way for my three teammates.

It doesn’t help that it looks like the house we were looking at is going to fall through. The rehab project is just too much to finance in with the end value of the house, especially with some surprise HUD requirements (like we would have to replace a perfectly good driveway at retail cost of $11,000). So now we’re back to looking again for a bigger house, though it may be one that is closer to plug and play. But even though I’ve been getting enough sleep this week, I’m just feeling a haze of exhaustion. At work, at home, at church, at school: I’m ready for a break. In my mind three easy days (in a row) with nothing big to think about. Three days of unplugging like I did in April.

So tonight I’ll pay bills (it’s a bill paying week and I have to whether it’s fun or not) and dive into the market environment for India/US trade in the textile industry. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll hit on something that sparks interest I can’t find right now and get drawn in and excited about learning. And that better happen because I have four more classes to finish and as ready-to-be-done as I am I’m not going to give up.

It’s a quiet day at the office today, and maybe I’ll even dig in a little while I’m here. In fact, my afternoon is open so maybe I’ll hit LnB on Prospect and study some before even going home for supper. I need a kick in the pants or a shot in the arm or something, but once I find that inspiring nugget or thought, I can get some momentum for the next segment. Only a few more major pushes before the home stretch and once that’s done I can collapse at the finish line. By God’s grace, and with the encouragement of many folks around me (especially my goodly bride), I will make it to the end.

2 thoughts on “Wishful Exhaustion

  1. Bless you, James. Thanks for sharing your burdens. A couple of nights ago I awoke in the middle of the night and opened my bible and it fell to 2 cor. 12 and my heart was refreshed. May he refresh you as you keep pressing on. (In Christ.)

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