Disrupting the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Part of my biggest concern with how we handle poverty is that I am convinced that most of our current efforts and methodologies actually perpetuate multi-generational poverty rather than providing potential escape from the cycles.  Here’s a look at disruptive innovation applied to poverty cycles:

Disrupting the cycle of entrenched poverty and poor health can tip the world on its axis. And innovation has the ability to drive massive improvements in the health and well-being of children, communities, and countries.Put together, “disruptive innovation,” a term Clayton M. Christensen brought forth in his book The Innovator’s Dilemma, is more than a winner-takes-all game where one technology replaces another or where a business that does the job faster and cheaper replaces an existing, lucrative one. To me, it’s about game-changing, curve-bending opportunities to drive impact—not necessarily through technologies like Amazon’s Fire Phone, which is now caught up in this debate, but through vision, adaptation, and a die-hard commitment to collaboration.

via Disruptive Innovation: Where It Matters Most | Stanford Social Innovation Review.

It’s worth a read.  I hope to write more on the economics of poverty later, but for now this article, plus what the Dream Center is doing to break the cycle here in Peoria is all I have time to give you:

Young people are in big need. Growing up, they are surrounded by sin, drug use, and garbage on TV, in movies and on the Internet. Early in life they know much more than any young person should. As a result, we have a broken society, and thousands of broken children living with rage, every sort of perversion, and a devastating loss of hope. We strive to teach our young people to have a vision. Young people are enticed by the glamour and promises of this world. We believe we need to instill in them to be dreamers at a young age, but in a God-given way.

via History Makers | What We Do | Dream Center Peoria.

Feel free to leave thoughts in the comments…this is something I will definitely get back to writing more on when I’m done with school.

2 thoughts on “Disrupting the Cycle of Generational Poverty

  1. Just found your post via twitter. Started following your blog so I can see what you have to say. Congressman Paul Ryan introduced a new plan last week that I love. It involves states trying to address the problem in innovative ways that work for them. I happened to be in San Antonio last week visiting the Outcry in the Barrio International Conference. They deal more with addiction than poverty per se (often the two are related), but the private sector, non-governmental answers prove to be the most effective.

    Anyway, glad to find you and look forward to hearing more.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to check out Ryan’s plan but won’t get to it soon. Totally agree that non-governmental answers are more effective, and you should check out an organization Samaritan started called the Morning Center (www.morningcenter.org) for a startup, private solution on quality maternity care for inner city poor women.

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