Today is July 3.  Last year on this date the first post appeared here at Changing Horses Midstream.  Not sure whether this means its’ time for reflection or celebration or both.

Here’s my opening salvo:

I recently interviewed to return to college.

This the returning to college part is something I would have, if anyone had asked (you didn’t….why not?), said I would never do again. I’m at the top of my game, in many respects. I have a senior level job that I love working for a ministry that I love and I have all the internal and external credibility that I could ever need. Why would I ever subject myself to school? I hated college, the first time. I didn’t really get into it the second time. I wasn’t terribly fond of the correspondence program I dropped out of. And I couldn’t get out of high school fast enough.

via 03 | July | 2013 | Changing Horses Midstream.

Returning to school is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  And one year later, 11 months into the 16 month program, it’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.  The program here at Bradley has helped me to understand the scope of business practices so much better than I would have if I’d not gone back to school.  It’s been really rough on my family (and there’s still a rough 5 months to go…my last class and the comprehensive final exam is still 5 months away).  By the numbers I have 156 days until that last class and 49 days of class (including the international trip) to go.  By efforts I’m imagining I have four major classes (and one minor) left with potentially accelerating difficulty.

Performance Management and Controls, with its infamous Business Plan is in the rear view mirror.  Whew.  Very glad to have that done.  In front of me I have:

  • Building Employee Commitment (3 class days, major #1)
  • Managing Technology (5 class days, major #2)
  • Leading Successful Change (change management, 2 class days)
  • Global Environment and Issues (4 class days plus a 12 day trip to India, major #3)
  • Strategic Positioning and Performance (5 class days plus the comprehensive final exam, major #4)

I am completely unsure of what this is going to be like.  All of the classes look hard, but I’ve only seen the syllabus for the first one, and I have a sketch of what the last one will look like.  I’ve also gotten some input from the prof for Global Environment so I know generally going to be expected there.

One year of blogging.  Five classes left in five months.  Tick, tick, tick….


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