Managing a Manager

One of my coaches sent me an article recently on managing managers.  Making the transition from managing technicians to managing others who are managing people is a tough shift in the workplace, and I’m working to develop people who are doing that for the first time and working to make my own skills at it better over time.  It’s worth a read if you are at all interested:

In some ways, managing managers is similar to managing anyone else – in that you need to build a great team, get aligned on goals and expectations on the front end, monitor the work and engage along the way, and create accountability and learning on the back end. But the key difference is that the work you’re overseeing is management – as opposed to other types of work, like organizing, communications, operations, or fundraising.When you’re managing, say, a trainer, you’d set expectations around that training work, check in the work as it’s ongoing, observe and give feedback on trainings, and assess the trainer’s results. But when you’re managing a manager, you’d do all those things around management: set expectations up-front for what good management looks like, observe and give feedback on the person’s management, and so forth.Here are five keys to doing that well.

via How to Manage Managers.

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