200 Posts!

I haven’t yet been blogging for a year, but here we are at post number 200. It’s been just over six months since post 100 so that makes my rate of posting about 200 posts per year. Given my desire to post four times per week that seems about right.

I’ve been enjoying (mostly) blogging again, and setting specific goals has helped me to keep up with what I’m doing. I haven’t hit my 4x/week goals every week (May in particular was poor for that) but I have most weeks. I’m not going gangbusters on readership (and didn’t expect to) but I was hoping for readership to increase over time, which I don’t think it has. Since I’m writing mostly for my own reasons that’s fine, and of course my site stats don’t take into account people reading through an RSS aggregator like Feedly, so it’s tough to know how many people are reading. Daily visitors have been as high as 153 and as low as 1. My first month, July 2013, had 1086 page views and I haven’t come close to that since (second highest is 665). No real positive trends anywhere that I can point to except that in May, when I posted less, I had the fewest page views.

Most of my posts with the most views have to do with family, or are ones that I wrote the first month where I was still writing about why I started the blog. Those posts (the early ones) would also be the ones most likely to have been linked to from other posts later. My About Me page has more views than any single post…and I have no idea what that says about anything.

It hasn’t quite been a year for the blog (I started in July), but it’s been fun. I’m almost 2/3 the way through my EMBA work and I’m not dead yet. And since I need to get back to working on a business plan for management accounting…that’s all the musing you’ll get about #200.

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