Five Teenagers

As of today we have five teenagers in the house. Peter turned 13 today, and until February of 2016 when Moriah t10460600_279120748927725_5130464196975853414_ourns 20 that’s going to be the case.

Peter was our youngest for a long time…during the trying time when we endured several consecutive miscarriages and tried to figure out what God was doing in our lives and what we were supposed to be doing with respect to children.  Peter was a baby when we moved to Marquette Heights to be closer to work.  Peter was still the youngest when we moved back to the city in our current house.

Now he’s a great big brother to our four littles.  He’s interested in music and hats and biking and rip sticks and is probably the most active of the children right now.  The rite of passage for 13 is you’re allowed to get on Facebook, so I just friended my 5th born child.

Happy birthday Peter!


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