Good-Bye, Einstein.

This week we lost a friend.   Einstein

Our dog Einstein, who has been with us since the fall of 2000 (he was a rescue dog, but still a puppy), died Wednesday night.

For a long time I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tolerate this hard to understand puppy.  He took a long time to bond, but once he did, he bonded so tightly with Theresa that he would get very upset at anything that bothered or threatened her.

All of us grieved together at his grave on Thursday, and we will miss the messy-haired up.  He lived a long life, and was struggling at the end, and his memory is cherished.

Here’s Elsie’s post from after the burial:

Last night at about 9:30, my dog Einstein left this world. Me my sister Moriah, my brother Toby, and my parents stayed up late into the night crying and sharing memories. He was beautiful dog, and we all loved him. It hurts that he’s gone. He was a part of our family, and he died. This morning we told me little sisters and buried him in the back yard. We sang Amazing grace as we lowered him into the hole we dug, and I held a crying 4 year old girl in my arms. It hurt. A whole lot. I helped put the dirt over him,

via Keep Calm and Beethoven On: RIP.

…and something Moriah wrote a couple of weeks ago about Einstein:

Ballad for a faithful friend

Hello old dear

I don’t know what to say

Except through it all you’ve been by me

Through those nights

When I cried myself to sleep

And you came to sit by me

Comfort me

With your warmth

via Symptoms of Writesanity: Ballad for a Faithful Friend.

For the little ones, they’ve never known our family without him.  He’s been a part of our home longer than the youngest five of the nine.  And Clara and Margary in particular are still taking it hard as we weep together.

One day, death itself will die.  Until then, we will have frequent cause to mourn.

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