Under 200 Days!

My last class is 198 days from today.  Since there were 477 days to that date (December 6th, if you care), that means I’m well over halfway.

This makes me happy and sad.

Happy because there’s a growing backlog of “I ought to do that when I get done with school” items.  And sad because I really enjoy spending every other weekend with my classmates and I’ve loved the learning and the profs and everything, for the most part.  I’ll miss them.

This week is a light week.  Which is nice.  So you’d think I’d have more posts up, right?  When the adrenaline crashes, so do I.  So I’ve slept more, let the brain rest, and moved on.  This weekend should get me back in the saddle with my schedule and you’ll hopefully have more posts to ignore next week.

It’s still been a full week.  Yesterday was Samuel’s 17th birthday.  I wasn’t sure he’d make it home for dinner since he’s been working this week, and we thought he may be home late.  He made it and so we enjoyed Fedora’s pizza and some ice cream and had a nice time.

On Tuesday TC and I went to a meet & greet for the EMBA program and helped market to future students.  It was fun, and it’s always nice to speak positively about a good product.

The days are counting down now.  We’re making plans for the India trip.  And I’ve had a lighter week to catch up on some sleep.  All in all a nice thing.

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