A Full Week Behind Me

So I’m at my favorite study place tonight, and will be until they kick me out.  I have work that needs to be done, and I can’t let it sit.

It was a good week.  I got to see my mom and dad, to have a short business trip with my wife in Louisiana where we had opportunity to chat with the governor, and now I’m tired.  But my work for school and Samaritan doesn’t go away because I’m tired.  There is grace, and there is leeway given, but in the end the work needs to be done.

I got my grade for marketing.  I was pleased.  My individual project was apparently better than I thought it was, or at least hit all the right points the professor was looking for.  It wasn’t my best work, and neither was the next paper I turned in, but it is what it is.

One of the complaints I have about academics in general is that it tends towards one-size-fits-all grading.  I don’t like the idea of failing a student who has performed above expectations for his or her aptitude, and I also don’t like letting a student with better aptitude get a good grade for work that could have been much better from that student.

Of course I’m aware that the EMBA program is different in many respects, and I have appreciated it and it has been extremely beneficial for me.  But on some level it still bothers me to get a high grade on a project that I know I could have done better on.  Being completely fair, I know the professors have no idea of what the individual potential of a particular student is.  Much like a runner who finishes with his worst time of the year, but ahead of the other racers, still wins the gold in a track meet.

So tonight I’m finishing a project, and tomorrow I get to go back to class.  This weekend should be fun:  a one day seminar on negotiations and another on business communication.  I’m looking forward to it.  Once I get my work done tonight.  Hopefully with enough time to get a few hours’ sleep.

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