A Happy Anniversary!

…to me! And to my goodly wife.

As of today we have been married for 19 years. I’m sure it feels like longer to her, of course, since she’s had to put up with me. We’ve got a great celebration planned, but you’ll have to wait until later in the week to hear about it, since there may or may not be surprises involved.

I have to say that the best gift God has given me is my wife. And I’m thankful that she continues to put up with me and that she is my best cheerleader and confidante. I would never have made it through the past eight months of school without her encouragement.

We both always wanted to have a big family.  And we’ve been blessed with nine children who challenge us and give us abundant reasons to seek and see God’s graciousness.

Theresa keeps me grounded.  She reminds me of who I am in my own failings (when appropriate) and of who I am in Christ (when needed…which is often).  She knows me deeply, and grows in that knowledge.  I love to travel, but not without her.  She’s the reason I rush home after trips to places where there is much to see rather than staying an extra day to see or do something special.  I honestly can’t get enough of her.

There have been rough times over the past 19 years, to be sure.  Points that I can remember that I’d like to have done better at weathering.  But we’re in this for keeps, and we’ve grown closer and closer together and I honestly cannot imagine my life without her.  And if I tried, it would only make me sad.  She, in so many ways, completes me.

Happy anniversary, Theresa!  I can’t wait to see how many fantastic things the next 19 years bring.

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