Strategy and Marketing!

It’s finally done!  There will be no more #deathbymarketing posts!  I turned in my final assignment last Friday night and marketing is done.  Whew.

I’m not overly pleased with the level of quality of the last assignment.  But it’s done, and it was good enough to pass the course.  And if it’s bad enough that I got a ‘B’ in the class it means that I no longer will be trying for the 4.0 and so ‘B’s are fair game for the rest of the program, and that self-imposed pressure will be gone.

Friday and Saturday were the rest of the BUS649: Developing Strategy course.  There’s a group assignment coming out of the weekend that I hope we can button up by Saturday night this week.  There were some really good discussions in the class, including getting to meet the CEO of XL Specialized Trailers.  Some of the discussion, I thought, built nicely on the Marketing work that we’d just finished.

If you’ll remember, part 1 of the strategy course was last fall and involved an industry analysis of the heavy-haul trailer manufacturing industry.  We’ll be building on that work with a company analysis for X-L.  We have team members traveling  and so there are some complications in getting this work done, but it’s a much more “doable” assignment:  10 pages double spaced vs. the 40pp single spaced report we just finished.

And no more class until May!

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