Stretching for Home

Tomorrow I have to go back to class again.  And like most class weeks I’m looking forward to it.  Mostly.

Only mostly because I’m not quite done with my marketing homework.  Eighty-five percent of the grade is based on work that’s done, turned in, and either graded or on its way to be.  But that last fifteen percent is my individual marketing project which I’ve been finishing this week, and I’ve been having trouble wrapping this one up.  Thankfully, provided my team got an A on the group project (which I’m fairly confident of) it’s almost impossible for me to get anything lower than a B no matter how badly I do on this project.

Work has been particularly stressful of late.  Nothing in particular, but a lot of things adding up to me having no margin to take time off this week, despite really wanting to find the time for school.  If I’d anticipated the week properly I could have left more time, but I’ve been playing catch up and hadn’t deliberately managed my schedule.

I should be able to get out of the office a tad early today, but I’m still not done with my project and I’d really like to put it to bed.  I was at the library last night (it was crowded, too) over at Bradley until late, and I’m still not happy with what I have.

It’s the home stretch, but I may still be buttoning this up on Saturday night (he’s giving us through the weekend to finish) and so it feels like it’s stretching me.  I have work for class this weekend (not marketing) and I’m going to leave class Saturday with another group project that’s supposedly due on the 24th.  Two team members (me included) are travelling a bunch over those two weeks, Jan more than me.  I know what I’ll be working on Easter weekend (thankfully the office is closed Good Friday) and trying to button up before I leave on a trip with Theresa the following week.

ARGH!  So much work, so little time.  What is a man to do?  Oh right:  pray and stop worrying.


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