File Under Unannounced Consequences (Health Care Related)

As of April 1st (no fool’s joke here) the Affordable Care Act exchanges are closed to most takers:

As AP reporter Connie Cass explains:

With limited exceptions, insurers are refusing to sell to individuals after the enrollment period for and the state marketplaces. They will lock out the young and healthy as well as the sick or injured. Those who want to switch plans also are affected. The next wide-open chance to enroll comes in November for coverage in 2015.

The exceptions are generally limited to “qualifying life events” — marriage, loss of a job, etc.

Here is something you may find even more surprising: most of the uninsured don’t even know the market is closed –

A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation in mid-March found that 6 out of 10 people without insurance weren’t aware of the marketplace deadline on March 31.

via You Can’t Buy Insurance until Next November | John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog |

It used to be that we had 50,000,000 uninsured that we needed to do everything we can to help as soon as we can.  When presented with the opportunity to buy insurance through the exchange, some at generous subsidies, with zero extra cost for health history or pre-existing conditions, most of the uninsured failed to do so.

And now they can’t do anything about it, no matter their financial position, until November.

How does this make things better again?

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