I’ll Give You Until the Count of 10 (Pronounced “twelve”)

My son Toby has a blog.  Yes, we’re a family of bloggers.  We’re so 2005.

Toby’s blog is nerdocentric, but you might like it anyway.  Here’s a snippet from a post he wrote on why we should switch to a base 12 numerical system:

Now for the reasons to switch! But first off, because I believe in a fair fight, I will list every single reason that I could find to not switch to base twelve:

We have ten fingers (some argue this is ten reasons)

It will be too hard to transition

via A Geek of Many Trades: Math and Sciences Monday: Cheaper by the Dozen (Also it’s better mathematically).

It’s worth reading.  And will give you a little insight into what our family is like and Toby in particular.

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