A Balanced Saturday

This past Friday we “finished” marketing. By which it means that we did our presentations related to the big group project. You know, the one worth 45% of my grade. Sadly, I’m not yet done with the individual project (worth 15%) that is due this Friday. Which is good because I was worried about having enough to keep me busy in the evenings and early mornings this week (/sarcasm).

But that’s not what this post is about!

Saturday was an amazing day. Bottom line: a day with my classmates + spending all day with my beautiful wife + no after class deliverables (homework) = ahhhhhh.

Saturday we had our seminar on Executive Balance. We were supposed to (and most of us did) bring our spouse to class for the day and for the entire day discussed work & life balance.

For Theresa and me there was really very little that was new here. It was good to be able to chat (chunks of the class were partners and tables going over specific questions together), but there were no real big “aha!” moments for us. Except maybe that I admitted to TC that I needed more sleep than I was getting, which surprised her.

Dr. Stoner is an amazing facilitator. The kind I’d like to be when I grow up. The day whizzed by in a gust of April breeze and then we were done.

Even lunch was a treat. TC and I got to dine with two other couples from class, one of which is a husband/wife doctor duo who did their residency not far from where Theresa grew up.

Class got out early, which was also nice, and we went home to check in on the kids and then went out to dinner with my team, spouses included. The eight of us had a fantastic time at Two25, and a great meal, and it was really nice to get to know the wife or husband or each of m teammates a little bit. I hope we get something like that on the calendar again sometime.

I think the Balance class is probably better timed before Finance and Marketing, and for a lot of students it’s a big awakening. For us, we had to have a lot of these discussions before committing to school in the first place, and it did make me feel a bit better about our decision-making process there.

And so the day was like a respite in the middle of a big storm where the sun shines and there’s no trimming of the sails and the crew is able to breathe easy for just a little bit. I went into the Sabbath a bit more relaxed than normal and was able to spend the afternoon getting beaten in games by my children instead of napping.

Life still doesn’t feel all that balanced right now, and it likely won’t until December. But I feel a bit more refreshed going into this week than I was expecting and that itself is a gift.

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