Happy Find-A-Rainbow Day! And a Special Anniversary.

It really is Find-A-Rainbow Day.

I only know this because my children, last year on this day, told me.  And I only remember that because it was the day I went to the EMBA information session at Bradley to kick the tires and ask the difficult questions that were still on my mind about whether I could handle the program and whether it would suit the needs I had.

And now, one year later, I’m finishing up my 11th class tomorrow, the big marketing saga.  And I’m almost halfway through.  Hard to believe what happens in a year.

That night I was nervous and curious.  Now I’m tired.  In hindsight I wonder if I asked all the right questions.  Or at least the right follow-up questions.  One hour outside of class for every hour in class for studying.  OK.  But did I ask if that’s consistent or if there’s some weeks where that’s more like 2 hours for every class hour and other weeks where it’s less?  No.

It’s no secret to my loyal readers that marketing has been kicking my tail.  And tomorrow my team will make a presentation and deliver a paper that is worth 45% of our grade.  I may or may not be done with my individual project worth another 15% of the grade (but not due until the 11th).  The team project came together nicely (though I really would have liked to have had my part done sooner) and I’m feeling pretty good going into tomorrow morning’s final marketing class.  I’ve got today off work ahead to polish both my slides and the document, and get into my individual project.

It’s the home stretch on Marketing now, and only 3 more weeks until I get some time away with my wife.  By God’s grace, I’m going to make it through this!


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