Still Crazy

It’s going to be another full week.  I survived my trip and actually feel fairly rested from the weekend, though I’m still tired.  Team project appears to be in good shape to be done on Friday, and I do have another week on the individual project that I’ll certainly be taking advantage of.

My speaking gig at the conference was 75% Q&A about Samaritan, which made it easy, and made me thankful I hadn’t spent a lot of time prepping for it.

Posting will be light again this week, I’d imagine, and hopefully I’ll be able to rebound into my previously normal routine by next week and get back on “schedule.”

Marketing has been really hard, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t learning a bunch.  My head is still swimming, in fact, with all that I’m picking up.  Doing our team project about Samaritan means that I’m getting some great feedback from outsiders with fresh eyes about how we do things, and that should be very valuable going forward.

Onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “Still Crazy

  1. James, yes marketing can definitely be hard – sometimes feels so wrong, like you are somehow manipulating people. One thing that really helps me is going back over how my services help those I am serving, and making sure I am improving their lives/businesses.

    Thanks for sharing,
    – Caleb

    • thanks for the encouragement! My problems with marketing is the quantity of workload, not in the manipulation. We’ve had a great marketing philosophy at Samaritan Ministries from the get-go, largely in part to the personality of the founder and the convictions of our Communications VP.

      It’s been a fun course, and I’ve learned a TON. Just ready to be done with the busywork end, and finish that last project and put it in the history books.

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