I Love Memphis

This morning I flew on the early non-stop on Southwest Air from Memphis to Houston where I’ll be spending the day today.  It’s my first time in Houston, other than driving through on my way from San Antonio to Baton Rouge, and it’s a “day trip”.  (Day trip meaning we got here early and we fly to Chicago this evening and will get home in the wee hours of Thursday morning after driving.  Don’t expect a post tomorrow unless I write it on the plane tonight.)

But enough about Houston.  Flying on the non-stop from Memphis can only mean one thing:  yesterday I got to spend the day in Memphis.

Memphis is one of my favorite cities.  There’s a rich history as a river city, some great architecture, and additional history related to the birth of rock roll.  And barbecue.  Mmmm.  I love Memphis barbecue.  The dry rub ribs, the vinegary cole slaw, the spicy bbq sauces almost always available.  Sure Texas barbecue is good if that’s what you have, but Memphis has it down cold.

But it’s not the food or the history that give Memphis such a place in my heart.  It’s the people.  Especially the poorest and downtrodden among them  The kind of people others step over without noticing.  Memphis, you see, is the pilot location for the first mobile care unit for the Morning Center.  And when I get to go to Memphis, it’s almost always related to the Morning Center.

Memphis is a city in great need of the Gospel (though what city isn’t?).  And it’s a city that, despite the usual preponderance of churches you’ll see in the south, has a large community of unreached people.  And the pregnant ones are all welcome with the Morning Center.

Our desire, with the Morning Center, is to reach out to women in crisis pregnancies with the best maternity care money can buy, and to give it away for free in Jesus’ Name.  We want to do this first in Memphis (we’ve seen the delivery of four babies now there!) and then in every major city in the US.

So yesterday I spent the day in Memphis meeting with people and foundations, talking to anyone who would listen about the mission of the Morning Center.  If you’re interested in donating to the Morning Center or just keeping up with what we’re doing you can do so here.

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