Always Mind Your Surroundings

There’s a scene in Batman Begins where Bruce is told by his then mentor Ducard that he needs to “always mind [his] surroundings.”  The quote is spoken as Ducard, beaten down by Wayne’s martial mojo breaks the ice under Bruce’s feet and sends him into the freezing cold water.

The first part of my work on the marketing team project is related to analyzing the strategic environment.  Marketing involves minding your surroundings.  The strategic environment in the project will be examined from several perspectives:

  • Demographic
  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Technological
  • Political
  • Cultural

Before you can start formulating your overall marketing strategy, you have to know your surroundings.  Of course, because I’m the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for the project, the strategic environment is my thing.  So I’m pulling demographic information about our members (what we’ve actually gathered) and about our target market segments.  I’m examining the economic environment with respect to who we are and what we offer, and how the economy and it’s expected trends affect our ability to serve our membership in the future.  I’m looking at technological changes that will affect us and our competitors.  I have to consider the changing political and cultural environment and what’s out there that present opportunities and threats for us.

It’s fun work, for the most part, and I’m able to have some great discussions with others at the office on the project and continue to enjoy my education through dialogue (which is how I learn best, personally), and I’m learning a bunch.  So as we “mind our surroundings” we’ll make better plans that will be easier to accomplish.

Oh, and here’s the video of the scene, for your enjoyment:

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