Last week started out with an emotional valley.  I can’t completely put my finger on it, but I was feeling down in the dumps for quite a few days.  Discouraged, feeling near hopeless, having trouble getting my mind around all the stuff on my plate.  Monday morning this post appeared in my RSS feed:

If you’re in some trouble today, reread those three facts, believer, and you should be encouraged by them—even if ‘right now you can’t see how God is at work in your problem. Some day—now or in eternity—you may understand fully. But it’s your task at the moment—to believe, and look forward to whatever outcome God may bring from it. In the long run, you may even be privileged to discover (as Paul did) what God was up to—and that you will see that it truly is good!

via Paul (or You) In Prison | Institute for Nouthetic Studies | Blog – Biblical Counseling.

It was helpful to remember that there’s nothing pointless going on in my life.  No matter how hard or easy, God is working the details for my good and the good of those He loves.  I won’t always be able to make sense of it here in time and space, but I can choose to trust the God who only does right.

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