If You Can’t Find Me…

…I’m under a stack of books at the Bradley library.  Or stuck at the intersection at Main & University because I forgot I can’t go that way anymore.  Or drinking coffee someplace trying to make sense of marketing.  Or at the Bradley library.

I’m currently the mayor on Foursquare of the Bradley library.  This is proof of two things.  First, the kids these days have decided Foursquare is old and nobody uses it anymore.  That doesn’t surprise me, since everyone I know that uses the app and service is older than college age.  Second, I’ve been at the library a lot of late.

As of today I have 25 days until my big marketing project needs to be done.  Three of those days are Sundays, and six of them involve two separate trips with not much down time during the trip.  That leaves 16 days.  Two of those 16 days are class days which include the marketing midterm.  All of the rest of the days, except one, are work days and life at work is less than simple right now.  Also there’s an individual marketing project due the same day (smaller but still a thing).  Oh, and a lecture to work up in there because I’m speaking at a conference on one of the trips.

Life has been emotional of late, and there’s not a sphere in my life where I’m not feeling overwhelmed.  Not one.  I’m sleeping OK, which is good, but I haven’t been to the gym in over a month.  February I went once and I have no delusions about hitting my goal of eight times this month because I can’t imagine making it back to the gym before April 4th comes and goes.

Saturday evening I came home from class, assessed what was going on, and jumped back into my project and marketing homework.  It takes huge efforts to concentrate right now, and I’m trying not to be desperate.  My class team got a good chunk of discussion work done at class on Saturday, and that helped, but I’m really feeling behind on everything right now.  Tired.

It’s going to be a long few weeks. Thankfully, my wife has some interest in marketing so we can look at the project together so she won’t forget what I look like.  If posting slows down, you’ll know why.  If not, I’m finding some time to write around the edges of things.

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