Sickness Unplanned

I know what you’re thinking after reading the title, right?  Who plans to be sick?  Of course no one does.  But when life is crazy, it’s helpful to plan for down time in case it is thrust upon you by God’s Providence.

Alas, I did not.  And double-Alas, I got sick.  Here it is Thursday morning and I’ve done almost nothing with school or the huge piles of work that were piled up when I left the office Friday and I’m wondering how I will make it through this weekend unscathed.

So tonight is likely to be a late night, and I’m currently not feeling like I’ll have the energy to make it a late night and make it through school tomorrow.  So this may be the week where I so some crashing and burning, or I may just, by God’s grace, make it through by a narrow margin.

So legal issues tomorrow.  Back to Marketing on Saturday with a quiz.  And then I have only 1 week between now and the end of class where I don’t have any travel and huge projects to work on in the meantime.  So if my posting is light, that’ why.  If you think about it, keep me in your prayers.

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