E is for Executive

I decided to write a short “series” on my degree program, somewhat separately from my own participation. Many people are familiar with an MBA degree but the EMBA is less common.

Bradley University is not unique in offering both the MBA and the EMBA degree. There are 200 or so programs listed in the EMBA.council worldwide. The “e” in EMBA, as the blog title “spoilered” stands for “executive”. EMBA programs are generally designed for meeting the needs of those already in management.

EMBA Programs are designed as a way for experienced business leaders to earn their MBA while minimizing the disruption to their work. It’s important to remember that an Executive MBA is an MBA. Students who complete the vast majority of Executive MBA Programs receive an MBA degree. Characteristics of EMBA Programs include:

  • Flexible formats that allow program completion in two years or less while working full-time
  • Participants from all types and size of industry
  • Same peer group throughout the whole program
  • Stimulating classroom discussions and team-based projects
  • Curriculum that covers and integrates all business functions
  • Global in scope, often with an international experiential component
  • Emphasis on leadership, personal skill development, and applied learning
  • Senior faculty as instructors
  • Professional services

EMBA students are high achieving, self-starters who have the motivation and potential to maintain long-term career success. The program’s structure allows them to learn from and network with one another as well as from faculty.  (from the EMBA Council web site)

For me, as I mentioned back in the early days of the blog, there was no other option.  Benefits (as listed at the Bradley EMBA site) of the EMBA over the usual MBA program include:

  • Accelerated Time Frame
  • Learning Locally
  • Leadership Focus
  • Weekly ROI (you can use what you learn every week almost immediately)
  • International Exposure
  • Cross-Fertilization (learn from other leaders:  your classmates)
  • Personal attention (smaller program)

Executive also refers to what the program is designed to prepare you for.  Every professor mentions this:  it’s designed to prepare the general manager of an organization.  Not a marketing manager or a finance manager, but general.  For me that’s crucial, since I already have that kind of responsibility.  For someone else (maybe you!) who’s trying to grow into a specific career, this broader perspective can be an amazing tool to prepare one for a senior executive position.

I don’t know when I’ll get back to it, but the next letter is M.

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