More Coming (and happy providences)

I have class again this weekend.  And I’m, as usual, excited about it.  I get to see my fellow students, who I really enjoy, and I always come away with some nuggets that I think will make me better at my day job.

I had a lot of reading to do for this weekend because there were two classes (marketing and legal issues) each with 180+ pages of reading.  The marketing book was not easy to read, and I was assuming that the legal textbook wouldn’t be either.

I got notification yesterday that there’s a schedule change, and the legal issues course (a one day module) has been bumped to next month.  Whew!  Since I hadn’t started reading for that course yet, it made my week, and allowed me to not feel so much pressure on the marketing book.

I’m looking forward to Dr. Bond’s class.  The book hasn’t been easy to read, but there’s a lot of good information in it, and I think I have more to learn here than I did in finance.  I’m excited to grow my knowledge in a new area.

Customer satisfaction and market decisions don’t come naturally to me.  I’ve got a lot of experience (waiting tables, managing restaurants, etc.) with face to face, hands on customer service, but planning a marketing strategy is something I’ve stayed away from here at Samaritan.  Partly because my boss is into marketing and partly because there’s been enough on my plate already, I’d guess.

So tomorrow and Saturday we’ll be digging into marketing.  Covering items like lifetime value for a customer (CLV), customer strategies and identification, competition and industry variables and a myriad of other topics from a marketing perspective.  I’ll let you know what I learn!

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