Happy Birthday, Moriah!

Today is Valentine’s Day.  But we don’t really celebrate it in my house.  Mostly because there’s a more important event we celebrate:  Moriah’s birthday.

Today my oldest daughter turned 18.  As has been our tradition we went out for coffee this morning, and breakfast.  It’s still kind of weird that she could be this old.  It really doesn’t seem like that long ago that she was born and here she is, at the age of majority.

Moriah was born the first Valentine’s day of our marriage.  We’d been married about 10 months at that point.  Her due date was the 7th and people would say “maybe you’ll have a Valentine’s baby!”  (My wife later admitted that it really bothered her that people would wish her an extra week of pregnancy.)  We had been planning for a home birth, but Moriah was uncooperative.

She was breech.  And because we were avoiding ultrasounds and such, we didn’t realize it until after 39 weeks.  We tried several things to get her to turn and finally ended up in the office of a high risk pregnancy specialist who was willing to try a version, where they attempt to turn the baby physically.  (I don’t recommend doing that just for fun.)  The version failed, and Moriah popped back into her comfortable place, feet down, and so we scheduled a C-section for the next day.  Only when we got to the hospital did we realize it was the 14th.

And today Moriah is 18.  She’s a beautiful young lady and brings so much passion into our home.  I like to say that Moriah has only two moods:  really, REALLY, REALLY happy (bouncing up and down and off walls) and really, REALLY, REALLY upset.  She’s a zero or a 10.  And we love her.  She’s a lot like her dad in that way, I’d imagine (if honest with myself).  She’s working full-time now at Samaritan Ministries and figuring out what God wants her to do with the next years until she enters that next stage of life.  She doesn’t want to attend college, at least not full time, and spend money learning what she could learn for a few late fees at the library (Good Will Hunting reference).  She blogs over at Symptoms of Writesanity, and recently completed NaNoWriMo successfully, writing 50,000 words during the month of November.

Happy birthday, Moriah!  I’m looking forward to seeing what God’s going to do with you for the rest of your life, and how He’ll use you for His glory.


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