One of the highlights this past weekend in class was that we finally found out where we’re going for our international trip. The EMBA class takes a 12 day, 11 night international trip to a developing economy during the program. Ours will be to India (as the post title suggests) in October.

I’m really excited about this. When I had my interview (way back in July) for the EMBA program I was told the trip has been to Brazil, China and India in the past. I was hoping for Brazil (less jet lag) but was told it was unlikely since they got the Olympics and the World Cup, and it’s gotten a lot more expensive to travel there.

At that point I began rooting for India. I’m not completely sure why. China just seemed unexciting to me, though I assumed that’s where we’d end up.

But we’re going to India! And I’m excited. Mostly.

Least exciting thing so far? In Chennai, one of the two cities we’ll spend the most time in, the average temperature in October is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And humid. So it’ll be like a hot August here, rather than heading someplace a bit moderate. I don’t like heat and humidity. I will survive, though.

I don’t know much yet, about India or about the trip, but here’s a few facts about India (according to Wikipedia) for your enjoyment:

  • India is the second most populous country in the world (China is #1), with 1.2 Billion people, almost four times as many as the U.S.A (#3). We’ll visit the Capital, New Delhi (average October high temp 91F) and Chennai (about the size of Chicago metro) for most of the time in country.
  • India is formerly a colony of the United Kingdom and has been independent for over 60 years.
  • India is 11 ½ hours behind us in standard time, and 10 ½ during daylight savings time, when I’ll be visiting. Skyping with the family won’t be impossible, but windows will be narrow.
  • India has a multi-party democratic system, kind of a hybrid of the UK and the USA with a parliament and a president and a constitution.
  • The official fruit of India is the Mango. I’ll be able to eat them there since Theresa won’t be coming with me (she’s allergic, making post-mango kissing a bad idea)
  • India, like the United States, does not have an official language. I’m imagining that I’ll pick up a few words in a couple of the dialects, and also that there’s a lot of English-speaking there.
  • India is a favorite destination for medical tourism.

That’s about it for today. The kids and Theresa will be helping research Indian and the places I’ll be visiting and helping me plan my personal tourism time as well as my projects. There will be planes, trains AND automobiles involved in this trip, including a very long flight (the non-stop flight is 15 hours over the north pole) or two, depending on how I travel.

I’ve got my passport and my GOES registration, and the trip will be a lot of fun, other than spending 11 nights away from TC.

Have any of you ever visited an interesting foreign nation?

2 thoughts on “India!

  1. Of those 3 options, the only place I’ve been to is China (twice). I think India will be fun, but I’m sure you’ll have some great content for a blog on “culture shock”. To be honest, though, I had *more* culture shock coming back to the US each time than I did going.

    • In my brain I know things are comparatively awful there (trash in the streets, clean water…) but I know that there will still be a level of reality shock from actually seeing it first hand.

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