I’m Through With This Class (Mostly)

Last weekend was the last two class days for BUS645:  Managing Capital and Making Investment Decisions.  I still have one homework assignment left to turn in, and of course I’m going to use what I learned in this monster course for the rest of the program.

Friday began with a group of “investor angels” speaking to us about raising capital for entrepreneurial ventures.  Those guys were great and kept our attention quite well for the first 90 minutes.  We talked about cost of capital a bit more and then finished up with the three teams making our capital budgeting presentations.  My team’s presentation went really well, and I’m pleased with the work I turned in.  I’m optimistic about my grades on those two assignments.

Saturday we had an economic update as the last portion of Finance.  As always, the topic of economics kept me on my toes and interested for the whole day.  This was a professor we hadn’t met before this weekend, and he was great.  I think we’d agree on at least 80% of economics and applications, but the remaining 20% could leave some seriously varying policy discussions.

This was a great exposure for me to general macroeconomics, with my own personal interest staying more in the micro-econ realm.  We talked about monetary policy, population growth, the economics of aging, bond rates and more.  I remain fairly pessimistic about the world economy, largely because governments are afraid of the political backlash of acting decisively, and because of aging populations without replacement workers (soon there will be only 2 wage earners in the US for every retiree) in every western country.  We’re facing a demographic winter.

My love for economics made Saturday a ton of fun and it flew by.  Loved, loved, loved it.  Very tired when I got home from the weekend’s classes.

So now, except for one homework assignment for the Econ prof, I’m finally done with finance.  It was grueling, and tiring, but I learned a ton that will help me in my daily work at Samaritan.

Oh, and Friday we found out where we’re going on our international trip!  But if you aren’t my friend on Facebook, you’ll have to wait for that news tomorrow.

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