Happy Birthday Elsie!

Today my second daughter and our fourth-born turns 14.  Happy Birthday, Elsie Katherine!

Elsie was Theresa’s second c-section, born following a year where we lost our first to miscarriage and the year my grandmother, Elsie Neva Klingan Sorensen died.  Obviously, Elsie was named for her great-grandmother.  Elsie is our first child born in Illinois and the last child born in a hospital until EJ.

Elsie was our first brown-eyed child, and is a beautiful girl who God graces us with daily.  She has a tender heart, and a love for music.  She’s learned some flute, and excels at the piano, and will soon be learning the violin.

She loves the Piano Guys, 2 cellos and Lindsey Sterling.  She’ll play and sing pop music and classical, and I’m trying to get her excited about playing the blues.

Last year Elsie completed NaNoWriMo with her first novel (still to be edited) and you can read it, and many other really lovely writings here on her blog.

Elsie has been a joy for the past 14 years here.  I am honored to be her father, and to watch her grow in grace and beauty.  I love to hear her sing and play the piano, and I look forward to seeing what God will do with and through her in the days ahead.

Happy birthday, brown-eyed girl.  I love you very much.


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