Class Week!

The long time readers remember that I had to come up with two schedules when budgeting out time for school, work and family: One schedule for class week, and one for a non-class week. This way I could balance out responsibilities effectively. Not to do this would have required that I spend all day Friday and Saturday in non-class weeks studying, which also didn’t make any sense to me.

This week is a class week, which means I have full days at school on Friday and Saturday. And, as happens many class weeks, I have homework due. The homework this week includes a group project on a capital budget, and several individual problems as an individual assignment.

Class weeks are tricky for me. There’s the budgeted time for studying (7 ½ hours), and then there’s the “what do I need to have done by Friday” measurement. Especially considering 3 of the 7 ½ hours are on Friday and Saturday evening. Likely scenarios for weeks where there is a bunch include moving date night to Saturday evening (we try not to miss it), studying during the planned dinner with family time, cancelling events and losing sleep.

This week shouldn’t be too bad, but since I have a team teleconference tonight with my team I may have to have more done by 8pm tonight than usual and I can’t press of some work until tomorrow because of that. So that may mean missing our Monday night Peoria bible study or at the very least coming home a little early.

These are the kind of flexibilities that are necessary for survival this year. We’re about 1/3 done with the program now, but work accelerates at the end. The light at the end of the tunnel is small, but visible.

I love my classmates, and I’m learning a ton, as I keep mentioning. And I’m going to survive, by God’s grace. This week has less margin than a “non-class” week, but it too will pass. Hopefully with enough sleep to stay awake in class this weekend!

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