Any New Questions?

I posted a while back about wanting this to be a more interactive blog than it has been. It may never gain that give-and-take quality that I’d like at the current level of readership, but it won’t stop me from trying. I’ve had a couple of posts that spurred on comments and discussion in the “bottom-half” of the blog.

Well here’s your opportunity, again, to ask a question about anything at all, and I promise to answer it with a post in the next two weeks, unless there are more than 10 questions, in which case I’ll still give it an answer but some of them will take longer. I’m pretty committed to not posting more than once per day and not more than 4-5 times per week, and I like my current four as a general rule to keep the blog manageable. I’m heading into class for the weekend but I should have time to start on answers as soon as Monday’s post.

So give it to me: either here as a comment, on twitter, or on Facebook. (Almost) nothing is off limits: school, family, work….I’m ready to let you steer for a post or two!

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