Another Manic Monday?

Last Monday I missed posting (only the second time I’ve missed my goal since starting this blog), in part because I was so exhausted from the previous week that I ended up taking a sick day and staying in bed, missing a day of work and a session with my executive coaches.

Life has been insane in every area lately. Of course I knew that this would be the case when I started the blog, but really? The insanity level has been higher than I had anticipated. My 168 hours list has been blown out of the water for a couple of weeks with my office work being a little more demanding than I’d anticipated. Last week, with losing a day for being sick, was no exception to the level of crazy.

It was a good week, though! A few weeks ago I was sitting down and talking with a friend who’s also a VP at Samaritan and I was very concerned about whether we were going to be able to keep up with what’s been coming our way and get out in front of it. This week, though emotional at times, was filled with some small and large victories to the point where I’m pretty optimistic. As hard as things are, people are stepping up in their roles and we’re making solid plans that will carry us forward into the next few years.

At home it’s been busy and riddled with people getting sick and stuff breaking, but we had a nice week. My temper’s been under control for the most part and I’m taking more joy in my children than I had been at some rough moments. We had a bunch of friends over for games and conversation on Friday night and had an amazing time. As an added bonus, we got the house cleaner than it’s been for a while so we got up Saturday and had an easy time getting the housework done for the first Saturday in a while. Oh, and I made it to the gym three times last week, which is two more than the entire month of December.

And at school I’m struggling in spots, but I’m enjoying it. I’m learning so much more than I can put into practice right away, but with the rest of the staff stepping up we’re going to get a lot more than I might have thought. I have some more homework yet for next weekend, but it should be fairly easy to knock out and stay on top of it. The following two weeks will be a little harder again, but only for one class instead of two like last time. Only 11 more months! We’re about 1/3 done now!

So it’s Monday. And I’m entering the new week with optimism, peace and joy. It’s going to be a great week and I’m going to be stretched and I’m going to learn more and more to not depend on my own strength but God’s. Time to rock and roll.

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