Are You Satisfied?

A Christian’s life is to be marked by gratitude.  Gratefulness for all the he or she sees, and taking deep pleasure in God and the gifts He’s given.  What do you take your satisfaction in?

Consequently, if God has ordained that His goodness can be tasted and seen (and, I would submit, heard, smelled and touched), this has at least two direct implications. First, it means that every finite pleasure and satisfaction is meant to point us toward the infinite pleasure and satisfaction of God. My admiration for a sunset, then, need not stop at that horizon, rather it can curve upward into praise and gratitude. Second, it means that if our desire for \”more\” is misplaced, then certainly it can be redirected to something good as well.

via The Socially Acceptable Sin| RELEVANT Magazine.

This means enjoying life, not giving yourself to asceticism.  It also means giving thanks for every thing you enjoy.  Everything.

I’ve gotten in the habit, partly because I have a friend with a frequently dry well, of saying thank you to God for hot showers in the morning.  I mean, how amazing is that?  Every morning God gives me running water and a working water heater and it sprays out of a spigot and gets me clean.  It’s wonderful!  But it can easily become “normal” to us and then we can take it for granted.

So make your life one marked by thanksgiving every day, not just in November.  Make it your habit to give thanks for those little gifts that are there every day: a place to live, a car to get places, food on the table, a beautiful sunrise, a hot shower.  Giving thanks forces you to acknowledge that all of those blessings are indeed gifts, and forces you to recognize the Giver of the gifts.


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